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Benefits of Pregnancy Massage
Richard A. Lane
Massage Benefits
Breast Cancer Patients

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Everyone can benefit from a professional massage. It can help you feel as though you've taken a mini-vacation. And just as importantly, there are a number of conditions that respond extremely well to massage. Some of them are listed below. If it ultimately makes you feel better, then it is "Therapeutic".

Massage therapy can:
  • reduce your stress and anxiety
  • increase the nourishing blood supply to your tissues
  • improve your energy and alertness
  • aid your recovery from pulled muscles
  • relieve many of the discomforts that often occur during
  • relieve certain repetitive motion injuries related to work activities or hobbies
  • greatly reduce pain from such problems as temporal mandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ), carpal tunnel syndrome or migraine headaches
  • provide relief to persons coping with pain and stiffnes accompanying such conditions as Parkinson's Disease and Multiple Sclerosis or due to forced inactivity
  • reduce the pain and dysfunction that accompany rotator cuff problems
  • provide relief to cancer patients
  • reduce the discomfort of arthritis
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