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As a musician, I recently began a much more intensive regimen of practicing at the piano. Being in my sixties, I was very concerned about developing muscular difficulties that might slow down or even prevent me from my daily musical work. Weekly massages with Susan Kaufman have been an invaluable source of relief of the tensions that arise in my body from time to time both from my practicing and regular daily activities. In addition, our sessions have helped stave off any serious muscular issues. She is very knowledgeable about muscle interactions and can get right to the source of any problem with varied and effective techniques. I would certainly recommend her to anyone seeking both an enjoyable and profitable massage experience with the goal of relieving and preventing musculo-skeletal stress.
Orin Grossman

I work hard to stay physically, as well as emotionally and spiritually, fit. However, for the past two years my hamstrings were becoming uncomfortably tight during exercise, and I was starting to have pain in the backs of my legs when driving long distances. So about 4 months ago, I decided to try massage as a way to address these issues and have been seeing Sue every other week without fail. Within a month after our first session the tightness in my legs during physical exertion went away (I have played tennis almost every day this summer), and the discomfort during long trips has greatly decreased. I am very impressed with Sue’s knowledge of anatomy and her ability to know through touch which areas of my body need most attention. My biweekly visits with Sue are now an essential part of my overall self care.
Sarah Reynard Epifano

"When I went to Sue for my first massage 12 years ago, I could feel her confidence and professionalism. In addition, she put me at ease with her sensitivity as she guided me through the history questionnaire and subsequent massage. The massage not only felt good but it relieved some aches and pains I was experiencing, so I went to see Susan throughout the years when I wanted to feel better. Recently I was diagnosed with cancer. The treatments make me very tired, but I was having great difficulty sleeping at night more than a couple of hours at a time. Concerned, my doctor sent me for a sleep study, which revealed that I have sleep apnea. However, since my last massage at Fairfield Therapeutic Massage about 1 month ago, my sleep has significantly improved, for which I’m most grateful. I would sincerely recommend Susan Kaufman as a skilled and effective massage therapist."
Craig M

"I have osteoarthritis (with 2 artificial hips) and have been through radiation and chemotherapy for cancer. The anti-cancer medication I must take aggravates my arthritis. Massage therapy was recommended by my physician, but Susan Kaufman is special because she is so knowledgeable, and her treatments are so very effective in helping me to cope with the pain and stiffness."
Gail Nickowitz

"Susan has played an essential role in my wellness for the past two years. I receive an hour and a half massage monthly. Her gentle and sensitive touch encourages my muscles to relax and invites my mind to let go of its chatter. Sometimes the effect is like a mini vacation, other times it's as refreshing as a great night's sleep."
Madelein Schuster, Licensed Massage Therapist

A 13-year old (female) client writes:
Dear Sue,
" I am truly grateful to you for being such a sweet, kind, and caring massage therapist. Whenever I come to your house, I feel cheered up by your presence. After each massage, my body feels loose and flexible from your excellent work."

"I am an athlete, and I’ve noticed dramatic changes in my body as a result of getting monthly massages from Susan. My muscles respond quicker and with more clarity. Being so active playing sports and training, it is a real advantage for me to be able to get the added benefits that come from massage. My recovery is better and performance is improved. Susan is passionate about her work and really knows how to apply her knowledge and techniques for great results. I wish I could go more often.”
Rich Lee, Sports Program Director, Wakeman Boys’ and Girls’ Club

"Susan Kaufman gives the most professional, effective massage that I have ever had. She is knowledgeable, competent, and compassionate. She takes the time to learn about your body and what areas need extra attention. Susan approaches each massage based on that information as well as current issues, so that no two massages are exactly the same. With a regular weekly massage, I have noticed considerable relief of aches and pains and a general feeling of peace. I always look forward to her restorative efforts."
Stephanie Taddei
Certified Fitness Instructor

"I have trained for marathons both with and without the assistance of Susan's expertise, and I can honestly say that my training has been easier while visiting her regularly. I have benefited from her therapeutic massage after my long runs and have found that regular visits have improved my performance and shortened recovery time."
Vin Kravec
Financial Services Professional

"Naturally, the first time my mother asked to demonstrate her healing technique on me-- I felt a bit awkward. She's my mom, after all! But good sense overcame inhibition, and I experienced a therapeutic massage for myself. Two minutes into it, I had forgotten who was giving the massage, and just gave in to the relief it offered.

Susan's approach quickly reflects years of intense study-- and her touch hints at deep caring, plus a commitment to "always be fully present" from start to finish. I recently had a professional massage on a Caribbean cruise-- and it couldn't hold a candle to Sue's work. So put aside any inhibitions you might have-- go see Sue, and get well again."
Peter J. Kaufman

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